Hiring the Wrong Person Will Cost Your Company Time and Money

Hiring Managers Have Limited Experience in the Hiring Process


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What is the Typical Process?

Postings To Job Boards

You’ve posted the job to your website and other job boards, and you are bombarded with hundreds of non-qualified applicants.

Using ZipRecruiter

You’ve spent time uploading all your requirements, and again you are bombarded by non-qualified applicants.

Internal Referrals

Employees trying to help friends get a job, may have no idea about their friends’ qualifications. You need to be respectful of your co-workers, but this can be more wasted time and not to mention uncomfortable.

What are some Hiring Issues?


  • Finding the right candidate is a complicated process.
  • Your time is too valuable to be sorting through resumes.
  • Hiring is a distraction from managing your business.
  • A resume alone does not truly reflect a person’s abilities or lack of abilities.

You need to find the candidate that adds value to the organization.

What Are You Missing?


  • The skills of  someone that has done this as a profession for over 20 years.
  • A recruiter that has sourced and placed over 1,000 people.
  • A recruiter that has worked with over 250 hiring managers and different types of companies.
  • A recruiter that is knowledgable in multiple departments
  • A recruiter that has a grasp on the latest technologies

Alysa Binder, Your Inside Recruiter on the Outside

Issues With the Standard Recruiter’s Process

Use of Sourcing Services

Using people or services that have no knowledge of the subtleties of what is the right candidate fit.

Little Time Spent With Candidate

They spend little time getting to know and understand a  candidate’s personality, needs and motivations.

Little Time With Manager and Team

Little time spent with the department heads and their team to understand the dynamics of the team or company.

Use of Software

Use of  technology tools that generate candidates based on skill matching but cannot understand the human element necessary to match the right candidate to the position.

This process is not the way to find the best candidates. 

Stop Wasting Your Time

 Let Interlink Recruiting be 

“Your Inside Recruiter on the Outside”